(Aug. 12) SALINAS, Calif. — Expect great things from Growers Express LLC, says the company’s new president who plans to take the firm to a higher, more refined level of operating.

Randolph Breschini was named the president in a newly titled position that was previously held by Butch Corda. Corda left about six months ago after being the general manager for 14 years.

Breschini has lived overseas for most of his career after college. Most recently he worked with Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc., Coral Gables, Fla., as the vice president and general manager for the Asia-Pacific region. He and his family lived in Hong Kong for six years.

The Del Monte position ended in March, Breschini said, and he was a consultant in California until he started working at Growers Express in July.

“It feels good to be back,” Breschini said. “This area is easy to assimilate back to.”

He also has worked for Westlake Village-based Dole Fresh Fruit Co. and ConAgra, Oakdale. His background includes working in logistics to director of operations. His profession has taken him from living on a plantation in the Philippines to the overseeing the operations of a cannery in Hawaii.

Salinas Valley is home to Breschini, who was raised there.

“This is a premier produce company that has a real advantage here, the partners grow and lease this land,” he said.

At Growers Express, Breschini said he will oversee the production, sales and marketing operations.

Streamlining the operations at Growers Express will include consolidation of entities to remove unnecessary costs, Breschini said.

He said there is a need to integrate any overlap among affiliated companies. All companies will eventually be housed out of the Growers Express office.

Growers Express’ affiliations are all Salinas-based companies: American Growers Cooling Co., Express Harvesting Inc., Rebel Express LLC, Pacific Asparagus LLC and Lee Pacific LLC.

The combined companies ship more than 12 million packages of 40 products, he said. The growing regions are in California, Arizona, Mexico and Peru.

Growers Express picks chief with experience abroad