(Nov. 12) The Hass Avocado Board, Irvine, Calif., added six new members, three active members and three alternates.

Reappointed to the board were:

  • Charley Wolk, a Fallbrook, Calif., grower.

  • Donald Reeder, Ventura, Calif., grower.

  • Ed Figueroa, an importer with LGS Specialty Sales Ltd., New York

  • Giovanni Cavaletto, an importer with Index Fresh, Bloomington, Calif. (alternate)

New to the board are:

  • Daniel Sanders, a Fallbrook grower. (alternate)

  • Alvin Gebhart, a Fallbrook, grower. (alternate)

All members serve three-year terms, and the board appoints or reappoints six members each year.