(July 22) CHELSEA, Mass. — From the aging chain-link fence around the outside to the guard gates at either entrance, at first glance it would seem that little has changed in the way of security at the New England Produce Terminal and the Boston Market Terminal in nearby Everett.

This may seem surprising in these times of heightened security alerts. But according to the wholesalers on the market, though physical security may not have changed much in the past couple of years, people’s attitudes have.

Steven Piazza, salesman for Community-Suffolk Inc., Everett, said he feels pretty comfortable with the security level at the market. Aside from the fence, there are guards on duty 24-hours a day at either entrance. And though no additional security plans have been made by those on the market, Piazza said recent events have prompted a heightened sense of awareness.

“Everybody’s more cautious on how they do business and aware of who they are doing business with,” he said.

Paul Travers, co-owner of Mutual Produce Inc., said that awareness hasn’t been limited to just those on the market.

“Certain shippers in California are checking the identification papers and everything for truckers,” he said. “If it’s not the way it should be, they won’t load the truck.”

In addition, Travers said heightened security concerns have added an extra day or two to delivery times for certain items, such as golden pineapples from Guatemala and other fruits from South America. He said the cargo is undergoing additional inspections in Miami.

Though it can slow delivery times a bit, Travers said he doesn’t mind dealing with the extra security.

“I think it’s wonderful,” he said. “You do think differently.”