iGPS pallets are ready for RFID, temperature monitoringLAS VEGAS — Intelligent Global Pooling Systems, Orlando, Fla., can now embed tubes with radio-frequency identification and temperature-monitoring chips into its plastic pallets, an advantage wood pallets cannot offer, said Melissa Reali, marketing manager.

iGPS displayed the pallets at Pack Expo, Sept. 26-28, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“This is a great solution for shippers and retailers,” she said. “In wood pallets, there’s no place to embed the chip, but in our plastic pallets, we can put RFID chips into pallet grooves unique to our pallets, where no fork lift can touch them and yet they are still readable through the plastic.”

iGPS pallets are 35% lighter than wood pallets, Reali said.

“Our Intelleflex chip can be implanted into the bottom, then when you’re scanning out to send your shipment, you can set a profile for the item that you’re shipping, say broccoli, and know exactly which temperature range would be appropriate for that shipment,” Reali said. “The pallet and the devices will track your shipment, then when it’s received by a retailer, they can scan and read immediately whether that shipment is acceptable or if they need to reject it.”