(Sept. 30) The Idaho Potato Commission, Boise, and Hapco Farms, Riverhead, N.Y., have settled a longstanding dispute over Idaho certification marks for potatoes sold by Hapco.

Under a settlement reached this month, Hapco can renew or obtain additional Idaho Potato Commission licenses and can pursue Idaho potato sales using the “Grown in Idaho” seal of origin. The company agreed never to challenge the Idaho certification and trademarks again.

The conflict dates to a 1995 labeling dispute, when Blaine Larsen Processing Inc., Hamer, Idaho, accused Hapco of packing non-Idaho potatoes in Idaho-labeled bags. Hapco and Larsen both were fined over the issue by the commission. The conflict then dragged on for several years as Hapco sued the commission and Larsen sued Hapco, with both companies claiming they were defamed.