Intergrow Greenhouses Inc., Albion, N.Y., is adding 18 acres of greenhouses to its existing 30 acres of operations along the shores of Lake Ontario.

Intergrow Greenhouses expanding operations

Courtesy Intergrow Greenhouses

Intergrow Greenhouses is expanding its greenhouse production from 30 acres to 58 acres along the shores of Lake Ontario.
The grower-shipper said the increased capacity should help it better supply tomatoes throughout the year.

The grower-shipper plans to finish construction next summer with first plantings going in August 2011 and harvesting pegged to start October 2011.

Kris Gibson, sales and marketing manager, said the expansion is to better serve Intergrow’s customers outside the April to November peak shipping period.

“They won’t have to search out and find other suppliers because of lack of supplies,” he said. “This will allow us to continue to provide them more tomatoes through the winter.  Being in Upstate New York, we don’t have the most desirable climate for growing tomatoes because the winters are so long. This additional acreage will allow us to stagger our planting dates and continue to have tomatoes year-round.”

The expansion includes a new packinghouse, irrigation pond and more office space.

Trying to advance greenhouse technology, Gibson said Intergrow plans to become the first commercial greenhouse to utilize HortiFuse glass, which diffuses light and helps regulate hot summer temperatures, Gibson said.

The grower-shipper normally ships 1.2 million 11-pound boxes. With the additions, it expects to boost that production to 1.6 million boxes.

December through February, Intergrow’s volumes lower to about 25% of normal.

Started in 1998, Intergrow grows red, yellow, orange, and roma tomatoes on the vine plus cocktail tomatoes.