An onion marketing partnership that lasted more than two decades has ended.

John Battle, president of Battle Produce Exchange, Traverse City, Mich., said that after 21 years of creating, promoting and driving sales of the Oso Sweet onion brand, he is going in a “different direction.”

The split is friendly and is based on different philosophies, but Battle said he would not discuss details of those differences.

The decision was made May 2. On May 4, Battle said he looks forward to pursuing new opportunities.

“I’ve got some offers from people who want me to direct their sales but I can’t discuss it,” Battle said. “It’s been a nice response that I’ve heard.”

Other than this change, Battle Produce Exchange continues operating as usual in its marketing of fresh produce.

“I’m a strong promoter of quality fruits and vegetables,” Battle said.

Battle looks forward to continuing good relationships with his customers.

“My customers are my friends,” he said. “I’ve been doing business with them for 21 years. It’s always friendship first.”