(Jan. 9) Progressive Marketing Group, Los Angeles, plans to follow up a Rose Bowl promotion featuring its Sol Pacifica brand key limes and Corona beer at Ralphs supermarkets with a similar promotion for the Super Bowl.

“Key limes are a natural tie-in to Corona beer,” said Jack Gyben, Progressive’s vice president and one of the company’s owners. Corona features limes regularly in its advertising.

Gyben expects to see Sol Pacifica key limes and Corona beer merchandised in front-end displays in Ralphs stores starting the Wednesday before the Feb. 4 Super Bowl. Ralphs Grocery Co., a division of The Kroger Co., Cincinnati, operates about 300 stores in Southern California.

Sol Pacifica key limes and Corona beer were scheduled to be featured in the Compton, Calif.-based chain’s weekly advertising Jan. 31. One-pound bags of limes were promoted at 10 for $10 for the Jan. 1 Rose Bowl promotion, and Gyben expected to see a similar price for the Super Bowl event.

Timing for the promotion is perfect because Corona beer will be the beverage of choice at many Super Bowl parties, he said.


“The idea received a high amount of interest from Ralphs,” he said. “It’s the first promotion of its kind that we are aware of, and we’re very excited about the potential results.”

Although the promotion has not been conducted on such a scale before, Gyben predicted significant sales increases from the ad/display combination.

Cross-merchandising Corona beer and key limes is an ongoing promotional idea that was generated by retailers. The tie-in is a natural, Gyben said, and the 1-pound bags are just the right size and easy to display.

Retailers who have set up the displays have enjoyed “significant jumps in sales for Sol Pacifica key limes,” Gyben said.