(Jan. 12) After nearly two decades as director of marketing for Kingsburg Orchards, Kingsburg, Calif., John Hein has joined Fresno-based Crown Jewels Marketing & Distribution LLC as the company’s fourth partner and director of marketing.

The other partners are Atomic Torosian, Steve Poindexter and Rob Mathias. Hein joined the company Jan. 9.

Poindexter said Crown Jewels had been looking for two years for the right person to help grow the company.

“We always thought John was the perfect candidate,” Poindexter said, “but we didn’t think he would leave such a great company as Kingsburg Orchards.”

Hein said Crown Jewels plans to offer more commodities. Among his immediate goals is to make the Crown Jewels marketing department even more of a service to buyers. Hein has no plans for personnel changes.

Torosian said Hein’s joining the company would permit Poindexter and Torosian to focus more of their efforts on developing relationships with new growers and cementing existing grower relationships.

To add to the company’s wide-ranging inventory, Torosian said Crown Jewels is developing avocado and mango growers in Chile, Mexico and California and the company plans to expand its melon program. Crown Jewels already has melon growers in Mexico, Arizona and California, he said.