(Dec. 23) TROY, Mich. — More troubles for bankrupt Kmart Corp. The Troy-based retailer missed a Securities and Exchange Commission financial filing deadline. It has also been booted off the major stock exchange the company has been trading on since 1918.

The company said it expects to file the reports, a part of its debtor-in-possession financing agreement with the SEC, by Dec. 23, according to a Reuters report.

After its stock continued to fall to low levels, Kmart shares were delisted from the New York Stock Exchange Dec. 19. Kmart stock, which last closed at 35 cents, are now traded on the Pink Sheets, an electronic quotation system for penny stocks.

Kmart asked the SEC to extend its filing deadline and did not consider missing the deadline a breach of its agreement, a Kmart spokeswoman said.

Kmart’s $2 billion January bankruptcy made it the biggest retail bankruptcy filing ever.