Keany Produce Co. is expanding its operation and has added personnel.

The Landover, Md.-based foodservice distributor plans to expand operations in a 45,000-square-foot building it is refurbishing to include modern refrigeration.

The building, which sits across the street from Keany’s operations, should help alleviate parking problems and lessen pressures the distributor faces in its current operations, said Kevin Keany, president.

In July, Keany was upgrading its facility’s cooling system by installing $500,000 in refrigeration in the 90,000-square-foot building.

Keany said it plans to move into the refurbished building by January.

Keany also hired:

  • Anthony Cargiulo, production manager. The son of sales manager Roy Cargiulo, Anthony Cargiulo began at Keany as special handling manager.
  • Caitlin Keany and Chris Keany, the children of founder Kevin Keany, who have entered the company’s leadership development program. Caitlin Keany previously worked as an elementary school teacher while Chris Keany has worked for Keany in various departments throughout his life.
  • José Morales, who also has entered Keany’s leadership program. Morales worked as a Peace Corps. volunteer and was a farmers market vendor and a manager for J. Marchini Farms in Le Grand, Calif.
  • Daniel O’Rourke, senior transportation manager. The son of Janice Keany, O’Rourke worked in aviation logistics for the Air Force.
  • Eric Rolander, salesman. The son of Missy Keany and Dana Rolander, Keany’s general manager, Rolander worked as a technology industry account executive.