Anthony Formusa, president of Toronto-based broker/importer National Produce Marketing Inc., believes his Mariposa line of organic kent mangoes from Peru has huge potential for growth.

“There’s a strong demand for good quality mangoes during the winter months, but it’s a real challenge to import a mango that’s going to mature properly and give customers a good taste experience,” Fomusa said.

By working exclusively with co-ops in Peru and monitoring quality before, during and after harvest, he said National Produce has found the right formula to ensure the fruit arrives in good condition.

He said the Peruvian mango season runs from January to the end of March, and the brand will transition to Mexico until the end of August.

Quality so far this year is great on organic and conventional mangoes from Peru, Formusa said.

He plans to extend the Mariposa brand to National Produce’s year-round papaya program from Central America.

Watermelons and pineapples also are selling well, he said, and the company is importing more limes.