The leader of the Michigan Grocers Association has earned high praise and an appointment from Gov. Rick Snyder this year.

When Linda Gobler, president and chief executive officer of the Lansing-based association, received the annual Donald H. MacManus Association Executive Award in April, the governor sent a congratulatory letter citing her as an “exemplary model for those around (her).”

The governor further showed his confidence in Gobler’s leadership skills by appointing her to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission in June.

Gobler has led the Michigan Grocers Association for 25 years, representing 900 chain and independent grocery retailers.

Her leadership in food industry relations, public and legislative affairs and community relations were among the abilities listed by Food Marketing Institute president and chief executive officer Leslie Sarasin when she presented Gobler with the MacManus Award, according to a news release.

“Linda Gobler is a steadfast champion of the grocery industry and ambassador for her home state of Michigan,” Sarasin said in the news release from Washington, D.C.-based FMI.

Leader of Michigan Grocers Association honored“She has a remarkable reputation of protecting grocers from government over-reach and helping reduce the cost of doing business.”

Dale Hollandsworth, director of media relations for Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co. and chairman of the Michigan Grocers Association board, said in the release that Gobler is “one of the best in her profession” and that the recognition this year of her efforts has been hard earned.

Gobler is a founding board member of the Lansing Food Bank. She led the Michigan Grocers Association’s FoodAid for Michigan program for 13 years.

She supports Michigan’s efforts to fight childhood obesity though the Pure Michigan FIT campaign and adult obesity by working with the state’s Healthier Tomorrow initiative.