MONTREAL — Each year, the Quebec Produce Marketing Association honors a member who’s promoted the “I love 5 to 10 servings a day” campaign in the most creative way.

This year’s winner is Mario Isabelle of Isabelle Inc., Saint-Michel, Quebec, who received a $500 gift certificate.

QPMA to launch fundraising campaign

The 10 finalists included the Quebec Association of Strawberries and Raspberries, Tomapure, Supermarché GP, Groupe Vegco, Freshbid, Metro Richelieu, Les Fermes du Soleil, Chenail Fruits and Vegetables, Savoura greenhouses and Les Fermes V. Forino and Son.

QPMA launched the 5 to 10 campaign in 2004 to raise consumer awareness about the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

The QPMA’s annual Oyster Party on Nov. 6 in St.-Leonard is expected to kick off an ambitious new fundraising campaign.

The I Love Lottery will raise funds for the association’s I love 5 to 10 campaign.

The $20 tickets offer a chance to win three grand prizes including a $7,000 cruise.

QPMA executive director Sophie Perreault said the association aims to sell 5,000 tickets between now and next August, when the winning names will be drawn by president Stephan Dolbec, president of Patates Dolbec in St. Ubalde, Quebec.

“The goal is to raise a record amount of money and boost the campaign to a whole new level,” Dolbec told attendees at the association’s annual convention in Quebec City this summer when he took office. “The ‘I love’ campaign is a campaign for us all — a way to make a healthier society, and another way of growing sales for the fine products we grow and distribute.”

“I Love” tickets are available from QPMA members and will be sold at industry events throughout the next year.