Two years ago, Dayton, Ohio-based ProduceOne expanded its business by merging with Columbus-based Roth Produce Co., forming Roth ProduceOne. Now the company has expanded — and changed its name — again.

The produce company has expanded its distribution range to cover the entire state, and neighboring states, by merging with Cleveland-based Premier Produce and Specialty Foods. The new business is Premier ProduceOne, said partner Erv Pavlofsky.

“We’re a one-call solution for anyone that has business in multiple cities in the state,” said Pavlofsky, who is the partner in charge of the Columbus operation. Gary Pavlofsky works from the Dayton facility, and Premier’s Anthony Rossi and Tony Anselmo will continue to operate the Cleveland location.

“Part of what’s driving this is being able to have statewide distribution and be a local company at the same time,” Pavlofsky said. “We have people who are from these communities. We went to school here, and we give back to these communities.”

The move also has expanded the company’s line. Premier Produce and Specialty Foods’ line of specialty foods, which includes cheeses and olive oils, now is being offered in all three locations.

The merged companies also have a new website at

Merging with Roth in 2012 allowed Pavlofsky’s company to move its Columbus operation out of a 10,000-square-foot building into Roth’s 32,000-square-foot facility.

“It was an opportunity to grow and be stronger in Columbus,” he said.

Pavlofsky said the latest merger also gives the company an opportunity to grow.