AUSTIN, Texas — Chefs and restauranteurs get a chance to learn about Texas-grown produce straight from the source through the Go Texan program.

The Texas Department of Agriculture’s marketing program, Go Texan, is sponsoring tours of growing regions starting in April, said Sarah Riggins, Go Texan state marketing coordinator for food.

Riggins said the dates have not yet been set, but tours likely will run through August.

“Chefs and restaurant owners from around Texas are invited to join the group for these tours,” she said.

“They are free and chefs will be welcomed to ride along in our tour caravan or follow along in their own vehicles.”

The tours usually take all day, departing at 8 a.m. and returning to the designated parking lot around 8 p.m.

“(This) is a great way for Texas chefs and restaurant owners to get outside the city limits and see what is available to them right here in the Lone Star State,” Riggins said.

Richard De Los Santos, marketing coordinator for fresh produce for the Go Texan program, said the idea is to introduce fresh produce growers to local restaurants.

“We have had great success with this in the San Antonio region in the past year and are expanding it further,” he said.