(Dec. 20) The California Department of Food and Agriculture, Sacramento, has announced an upcoming hearing to take testimony from those set to be affected by a draft leafy greens marketing agreement.

The department said in a news release Dec. 18 that the hearing is scheduled for Jan. 12 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds at 10 a.m.

According to the department, its Marketing Division sent notice of the hearing, along with a draft copy of the agreement, to around 120 potential leafy greens handlers in California. The department defines “handlers” as middlemen through whom product moves from field to retail.

A successful draft agreement will provide a U.S. Department of Agriculture and CDFA-approved verification and certification program for leafy greens, ensuring that product bearing a specific seal had been grown and processed in line with the best management practices in the agreement.

The department said the marketing agreement would be followed by a marketing order that would verify and enforce best practices among all leafy greens growers.

To view the public notice and the draft marketing agreement, click here.