(July 7, PACKER WEB EXCLUSIVE) Lucky’s Real Tomatoes, Brooklyn, N.Y., has received the Purfresh Inc. “Quality of Purfresh” seal in recognition of the leadership initiatives and processes implemented to optimize freshness, quality and safety, while reducing the use, residue and disposal of traditional chemicals.

“We’ve had Purfresh, which was Novazone, about three years. It was part of a proactive decision on our part to take on food safety measures,” said vice president of sales Lucky Lee. “And (with) what has happened with this salmonella explosion, we just had a record month of sales.”

Lee credits the company’s handling processes with helping them thrive in a challenging time for many tomato growers.

“We operate our own tractor trailers, then it’s treated with Purfresh, both in wash water and in the holding rooms. Then we do our own deliveries,” Lee said. “That we have the whole loop in our control, our customer confidence is at an all time high. Purfresh has really, really helped us. We are so grateful and business is through the roof.”

In the face of recurrent food and product safety issues, product quality and safety is increasing important as businesses seek to protect their brands. Livermore, Calif.-based Purfresh Inc. created the seal as a recognition platform for growers, packers.