(Nov. 28) The National Mango Board, Orlando, Fla., wants to establish a domestic mango demand that it is similar to its popularity elsewhere in the world.

To do this, the board, still in its infancy, needs the right people promoting the fruit, and Wendy McManus is qualified to fulfill the marketing director role, said executive director William Watson.

“She’s got a unique set of skills and understanding of products through a commodity board, and she’s going to be a real asset,” said Watson, who previously worked with McManus on the Orlando, Fla.-based National Watermelon Promotion Board. “She’s not always looking at things in terms of immediacy — she can look down the road and see what’s best for everyone involved.

“She demonstrated these things at the watermelon board,” Watson said.

McManus, who started on Nov. 6, comes to the mango board with five year’s experience in produce and an 18-year marketing background. Most recently, she served as marketing director for the National Watermelon Promotion Board for three years. Before that, she was an account director at Consumer Effects, a marketing agency that specializes in developing and executing retail promotions, for two years.

In her new capacity, McManus is responsible for managing retail marketing, trade media outreach and consumer public relations. She said she is excited about her position and considers working with Watson and an 18-month-old organization ideal because of Watson’s aptitude and the ability to be instrumental in the board’s progress.