(Aug. 5, 4:23 p.m.) The National Mango Board has launched an online marketing tool kit to help growers, shippers, importers, distributors and retailers increase consumption.

The Orlando, Fla.-based marketing organization rolled out its online tool kit Aug. 4.

The kit, available at http://mango.org/graphics/, features professional-quality photographs for retail display, fliers, packaging, presentations and media stories.

The point-of-sale materials, which are available in English and Spanish, cover topics such as selecting mango varieties, choosing and cutting mangoes, nutrition facts and recipes.

Wendy McManus, director of marketing, said retailers need to learn what types of mangoes are available, how to ripen them and how to cut them so they can educate their customers.

“We hear from retailers that mangoes are becoming more and more important to their business,” she said. “It’s still not one of their largest items, but it’s one of their fastest-growing items. We hear that quite a bit.”

McManus said consumer surveys show shoppers aren’t comfortable selecting mangoes and ripening mangoes, are confused and frustrated with how to cut them and they don’t know what to do with the mangoes when they return home. She said she hopes the education provided by the tool kit can help consumers overcome those obstacles.

While the tool kit is being distributed online, the mango board plans to spread word of the resource through its retail merchandisers and through stories in produce trade media. She said the board encourages individual shippers to print such materials and take them to their retail customers.

Mango board unveils online marketing tools
The National Mango Board's new online marketing tool kit at http://mango.org/graphics/ features information on mango varieties, choosing and cutting mangoes, nutrition facts and recipes, such as one for mango chicken lettuce wraps.

Courtesy 2008 National Mango Board. Photo used by permission of the National Mango Board. All rights reserved.