(Sept. 6) Don Nucci, co-chairman and co-owner of Mann Packing Co., Salinas, Calif., died Sept. 4 while on vacation in Oregon with his wife. He was 70.

Nucci, who joined the company in 1967 as office manager, later purchased Mann Packing with partner Bill Ramsey in 1976. Mann Packing is the largest shipper of broccoli in the world, and Nucci has been credited with introducing the first foodservice broccoli pack. In the early ’80s, Nucci was an advocate for making point-of-sale recipe and nutrition information available, long before it became an industry practice.

He was named The Packer’s Marketer of the Year in 1984.

Nucci’s son, Joe Nucci, 40, died in July 2005. Joe Nucci was president and chief executive officer of Mann Packing at the time. After his son’s death from a heart attack, Don Nucci and co-owner Ramsey took more active roles in the company’s management team.

Don Nucci’s daughters, Gina Nucci and Lorri Koster, also work for the family business. Gina Nucci is Mann Packing’s director of foodservice marketing, and Koster is a Mann Packing spokeswoman and a consultant for the company through Koster Communications.

“His personal and professional legacy will be measured by innovation, an unwavering commitment to his colleagues and the produce industry, and by the talented children who continue his tradition,” said Produce Marketing Association president Bryan Silbermann in a statement.

Mann co-owner Don Nucci dies during vacation
Don Nucci