(Sept. 2, 12:52 p.m.) Mann Packing Co. Inc., Salinas, Calif., is attaching 25,000 instant redeemable coupons on its fresh-cut sweet potato cubes and fries that will save consumers 55 cents on those products.

The offer began Aug. 28.

Launched in time for the Labor Day weekend, the specially marked packages also include a grilling recipe, according to a news release.

“Sweet potatoes are considered a good carb and they are a nutrition powerhouse,” Lorri Koster, Mann Packing co-chairwoman, said in the news release. “We know this is an up-and-coming segment of the fresh cut vegetable category and this offer will help generate trial and repeat purchases.”

Koster said sweet potatoes have the “sweet spot” when it comes to food nutrition news and that they are a favorite of natural food enthusiasts as they continue to become more popular on American menus.

Mann Packing promoting fresh-cut sweet potatoes
Mann Packing Co. is offering customers coupons on its sweet potato cubes and its spears, or "fries," which the company suggests can be used as an appetizer or side, dipped in sauces or sprinkled with spices.