After a nearly decade long hiatus from fresh produce, Sean Borchardt has returned to the industry to join the sales staff at Sunwest Fruit Co. Inc., Parlier, Calif.

Marketer returns to industry at Sunwest Fruit


Borchardt, who started at Sunwest Feb. 7, succeeds Karen Osborne, who resigned to pursue other opportunities.

Borchardt began his fresh produce career in 1992 at Silver Creek Packing Co., Mendota, Calif. He later founded Copper Hills Fruit Sales LLC, Fresno. Borchardt spent the past nine years in financial planning, he said.

The opportunity to work with Doug Sankey, vice president of marketing, and the Sunwest owners, were important factors in his decision to return to selling fresh produce, Borchardt said.

“I’m familiar with the family and how they do things,” he said.

Sunwest is a wholly owned subsidiary of family owned and operated Britz Fertilizers Inc., Fresno, which also owned Silver Creek Packing.