(Oct. 2) HANOVER, Pa. — Convenience — to the retailer, as well as the consumer — is the idea behind breathable bags in which Hanover-based Green Glen Produce has begun to pack green beans.

Green Glen has introduced 1- and 2-pound bags of fresh green beans and 1-pound bags of fresh-cut and fresh whole snipped beans.

Green Glen green beans are available year-round and distributed exclusively by VF Express LLC, a forward-distribution company near Harrisburg, Pa.

“I think it’s going to make things a lot easier for retailers,” said Jo Verdelli, marketing manager of Harrisburg-based Verdelli Farms Inc., of which VF Express is a subsidiary. “We’re just going to expand the value-added category, and this is a good way to do that.”

The product is available along VF Express’ distribution points in the East and Midwest.

“We have started in a small way, and we’re trying to get the word out,” Verdelli said. “Wherever we’re going, it can go.”

Warren Debnam, co-owner of Green Glen, said in a news release that the convenience that the bags bring to retailers is considerable.

“Green Glen breathable bags eliminate an old problem of loose green beans falling on the produce section floor,” he said. “Because our green beans are washed and cleaned, grocers won’t find stems, leaves and stones in their display cases.”

Green Glen green beans are pre-weighed and come in bar-coded packages. They are shipped in recyclable cartons with a common footprint, replacing the old wooden wire-bound crates that can snag clothing or cut employees’ fingers, Debnam said.

The value-added cut or snipped beans increase grocers’ profits while accommodating busy shoppers, he added.

“All the consumer has to do is take them home and cook them,” Debnam said.

Green Glen green beans are available to foodservice and retail customers along the East Coast. VF Express stores Green Glen products in its refrigerated warehouse before shipping them on short notice on the refrigerated trucks of its sister company, VF Transportation LLC, Verdelli said.