What’s red, white, blue, green and delicious all over? The cross-promotion between the California Avocado Commission and Dulcinea Farms watermelons., set to debut this summer.

“What we love about this (cross-promotion) is that it directly benefits produce because it’s right in the produce aisle, and it’s a streamlined way to promote (these two commodities),” said Jan DeLyser, vice president of marketing for Irvine-based avocado commission.

“We want them to add a little green to their red, white and blue this summer.”

“It’s the first time we’ve ever partnered with the commission on a co-marketing program and we’re really excited about it,” said Corey Hill, marketing associate for Dulcinea Farms LLC, Ladera Ranch, Calif.

“It’s two quality brands that complement each other so well — the crispness and sweetness of our PureHeart (watermelons) and the smoothness of the California avocado. The flavors blend so well together.”

To capture that combo, the avocado commission created a unique recipe — Firecracker Guacamole — to be highlighted during the summer promotion, with emphasis on the Fourth of July.

The recipe features homemade guacamole served in a PureHeart Mini Seedless watermelon. Hill said the watermelon makes a great bowl for displaying or for taking to parties.

The promotion runs June 18 through July 8 and features an in-store point-of-sale kit that includes one header and two Firecracker Guacamole recipe tear pads. Each tear pad contains 50 recipes. The 12x23-inch header display card reads, “Fire up your 4th with Firecracker Guacamole.”

“(July 4) is right in the sweet spot of the California avocado season, and we want people to associate California avocados with the Fourth of July the same way they associate guacamole with the Super Bowl,” said Marji Morrow, owner of Rockwell Morrow in Los Angeles, which handles the public relations and marketing for the avocado commission.

Retail support

Morrow added that interest is already brewing.

“Retailers are loving the idea already,” she said.

“It may not be the most intuitive to some people (to put these two foods together), but it’s innovative and expands usage in both categories.”

The in-store display header will also feature the avocado commission website (californiaavocado.com) and the Dulcinea Farms website (www.dulcinea.com), plus it will include a quick response code that will take consumers directly to the downloadable recipe for Firecracker Guacamole.

Both companies’ websites will feature two more new recipes that the commission developed: Cinco de Mayo Salad and PureHeart Salsa with California Avocados.

Additionally, an online and social media promotion will run alongside.

The recipes will be e-mailed out to more than 130,000 California avocado shoppers, and Facebook posts will go to more than 80,000 California avocado Facebook fans.

“Once you talk about versatility and new usage ideas, consumers are great about coming up with their own ideas,” DeLyser said.

“By integrating the California avocado as a key ingredient into summer meals, we’ll continue to increase demand.”

“So far, we’ve had a great response from retailers on this promotion, said Kellie Weaver, saleswoman for Dulcinea Farms.