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Borton Fruit partners with Birko on food safetyGrower-shipper Borton Fruit now uses equipment and products from Birko as part of its overall food safety system for its apple, pear and cherry operation in Yakima, Wash.

Birko also provided sanitation training for Borton Fruit staff, according to a news release from the Henderson, Colo., food safety company.

“Birko has gone out of its way to teach our staff why food safety is important and why sanitation is vital to the functionality of our food safety program,” Borton’s food safety manager Miles Murphy said in the release.

“Their chemicals work great, but what really makes Birko stand out as a company is the extra value and service provided by their technical representatives.”

Borton Fruit is using three products from Birko — Algae Guard Quat Blocks for microbial growth in cooling unit condensate drains; Pow-R-Scrub phosphate-free alkaline detergent and non-toxic solvents; and Neutra foam for general cleaning and foam generation.

The grower-shipper also installed a Birko portable rolling foamer to apply sanitation cleaners. It is air-powered and applies shaving cream-like foam.

“This has been a successful partnership in combining chemistry, equipment, technology and training to deliver operating efficiency to Borton,” said Birko sales representative Kellie Bauman in the release.