I Love Produce earns safety rating

Kelton, Pa.-based I Love Produce recently received an outstanding rating for 2013 on its Global Food Safety Initiative audit at its West Grove, Pa., location.

“A lot of supermarkets are requesting that audit,” said president Jim Provost.

Expansion underway for Infinite Herbs

Infinite Herbs & Specialties, Miami, upgraded its Miami packinghouse to improve food safety.

The updates were completed about three months ago, said Camilo Penalosa, vice president of business development.

The company also recently finished upgrading its Boston warehouse.

“We’ve had excellent results so far, with more space to work and new conveyor belts,” Penalosa said.

He said the company is moving to a new Chicago warehouse.

“The new location is near the one we’re in now, but it’s around 6,000 square feet,” Penalosa said.

The company has also expanded to do more growing in the U.S.

Spice World installs packing machines

Spice World Inc., Orlando, Fla., added packing equipment in its peeled garlic operation.

“We continue to increase our efficiencies in equipment and our facility,” said Louis Hymel, director of purchasing and marketing.

The upgrade was completed in the first quarter of this year, Hymel said.

The Garlic Co. makes equipment upgrades

Joe Lane, a partner in The Garlic Co., Bakersfield, Calif., said the company is working to upgrade its packing room to be more efficient.

“We’ve gotten a few different pieces of equipment that will work better for the volumes we’re doing now,” Lane said.

The upgrades aren’t scheduled to be completed until fall.