California Giant’s series of videos includes two new ones designed to help retailers keep berries moving.

In April, California Giant Berry Farms, Watsonville, Calif., uploaded to its website,, a new video for retail produce managers that offers tips for better handling of berries.

The video, “Choosing and Caring for Fresh Berries,” explains how retailers can inform consumers about what to look for when shopping for berries.

Retailers have a responsibility to assist consumers in getting the best quality berries, according to California Giant.

“I get e-mail from consumers all day long about what to look for and how to take care of them,” said Cindy Jewell, marketing director.

California Giant recommends that retailers suggest their customers visit its website themselves to learn more and to access recipes.

The company has another new training video for retailers called “The Cool Factor.” The nearly-four-minute video offers retailers nine tips for maintaining the cold chain and for increasing berry sales.

“It’s a short, succinct reminder on the importance of the cold chain — maintaining it and communicating about it to the consumer,” Jewell said.

California Giant encourages retailers to use refrigerated displays.

“When consumers buy something that’s not on a refrigerated shelf in the produce department, they think they don’t have to refrigerate it when they get home,” Jewell said.

The idea for the video came from retailers’ and consumers’ comments about berries.

California Giant has often received comments from consumers who were disappointed that their berries didn’t last longer at home.

Many consumers had stored the berries on their counters instead of in the fridge because they didn’t realize berries need refrigeration, Jewell said.

California Giant added a statement to the back of its label that tells consumers that berries are best when kept refrigerated.