Famous Software LLC users were ready for the announcement by Bentonville, Ark.-based Wal-Mart mandating Produce Traceability Initiative compliance, according to Heather Hammack, director of sales and marketing with the Fresno, Calif.-based company.

“After the Wal-Mart announcement, our users have been able to enjoy a little bit of a comfort level because all of that capability was built into our software already,” Hammack said.

At this point, all Famous Software users need to do is make the decision on how to implement those built-in capabilities.

“It’s literally just a flip of a switch, and they’ll be ready to print tags,” Hammack said. “Our existing customer base is all ready to go.”

Mobile upgrades

Famous Software’s most recent advances have been in finding more efficiencies for users. The company’s mobile program allows necessary printing to be done in the field.

Hammack said this capability came about because of requests from shippers.

“We had a shipper come to us and say that while it was great to be able to print case tags, they needed that technology extended to the field,” she said.

Famous Mobile, an extension on the company’s Famous Software, now allows those tags to be printed in the field, according to Hammock.

Famous began pilot tests for this mobile technology began a year ago with Pacific International Marketing.

It was released to the public within the last six months ago, and Hammack said the company has about a dozen shippers using that capability.

Capability for more users

Another advancement still in development stages in the company’s Business Intelligence data warehouse, which would enable staff in all departments to quickly detect and react to changes, problems and opportunities, according to a company fact sheet on the new product.

“It’s still in its pilot phase, but basically it will provide dashboards, queries and alerts. The objective is to give customers additional views into their data,” Hammack said.

Hammack said the program is an analysis tool.

It will allow more users to have access to demand trends, potential problems and other alerts.

The program is tablet compatible and automatic e-mails help users stay on top of changes in the data.

Hammack said she expects the program to be fully released this year.