Church Bros. introduces new salad blends

Church Bros., LLC, Salina, Calif., recently launched three new salad blends for the foodservice industry.

Foodservice business updatesErnst Van Eeghen, director of marketing and product development, said that the three new blends offer clients a unique salad. Van Eeghen said the products help with what he wants to end: “cookie cutter salads.”

The salad blends, launched under the True Leaf Farms brand, are Power Blend, Treviso Blend and Cascade Mix.

The Power Blend is baby kale, baby chard, spinach and lolla rossa. Van Eeghen said the hearty bitterness of the kale is balanced by the sweetness of the lolla rossa and spinach.

The Treviso Blend consists of chopped Treviso and romaine. The sweetness of the romaine is balanced really well by the mild, smooth bitterness of the Treviso, Van Eeghen said.

“If you take the Caesar salad that everyone has, and use Treviso Blend you don’t only get a great color and flavor, but you get to do something unique with a traditional Caesar,” Van Eeghen said.

The Cascade Mix is the green leaf and romaine heart leaves with a little radicchio. The leaf sizes are inconsistent, according to Van Eeghen, which results in a nice homemade look on the plate.


Gold Coast Packing expands line, facility

Santa Maria, Calif.-based Gold Coast Packing is working on expansions in two different areas: product lines and facilities.

Gold Coast is expanding its line of greens for the foodservice industry. Aside from new kale and collard green options, the company also has a new 38-ounce broccoli kit called Joan’s Broccoli Madness.

“We are always working on things that are outside the norm for the foodservice packs,” Brett Scattini, vice president of sales for Gold Coast Packing, said.

The grower-shipper-packer is also expanding its processing facility, Fresh Nature Foods, opened in December 2012. Although only a year and a half old, Scattini said that the facility needs expansion to keep up with customer needs and growth. The addition will add 25,000 square feet to the existing building.


Hollandia Produce gets superfood certification

Carpinteria, Calif.-based Hollandia Produce LLC’s Live Gourmet and Grower Pete’s brands both have products that have recently gained SCS Global Services’ certification as superfoods.

Vince Choate, director of marketing at Hollandia, said the certification has “reinvigorated chef interest” in Hollandia’s products for the foodservice sector.

Live Gourmet’s Living Upland Crest and Grower Pete’s Organic Watercress both gained superfood certification based on the antioxidant-richness of the products; the certification test was looking at lutein especially, due to its ability to fight cancer-causing free radicals. The laboratory testing done by SCS Global Services confirmed that the products were high in lutein and resulted in the certification.


Limoneira gets closer to year-round meyer lemon availability

Limoneira Co., Santa Paula, Calif., is now using meyer lemons from New Zealand to help keep the fruit more available to its foodservice customers.

The California and Arizona crops for Limoneira produce from early fall to early summer, while New Zealand’s meyer lemon crop peaks during the summer.

John Carter, director of global sales at Limoneira, said that it is important to keep the lemons available because chefs want to be able to rely on the company for the product year-round.

Carter said that Limoneira is excited about the volume growth due to the utilization of New Zealand’s meyer lemons when domestic supplies are low.

“It is nice to be able to get the supply set up with the demand so people can count on supply,” Carter said.


Mann Packing introduces salad products

Mann Packing Co., Salinas, Calif., has been busy introducing new products to its foodservice customers.

The company has recently released three new salad products and kalettes, a new and exciting vegetable, will be available in July.

The combination of kale and brussels sprouts, kalettes are the best of both worlds, according to Gina Nucci, director of healthy culinary innovation at Mann Packing.

“The kalettes are one of the first brand new vegetables to be launched in quite a while,” Nucci said. “They are the best flavors of both Brussels sprouts and kale.”

In addition to the kalettes, Mann has started a salad solutions campaign and, with its Arcadian line, has launched three new salad blends: classic, ruby, and emerald. The blends are ideal for restaurants that want do do something different with their salads.


San Miguel introduces new kale destemming method

 San Miguel Produce, Oxnard, Calif., has a new method for destemming kale.

The new method, which they will showcase at this year’s Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit, has allowed the company to offer a more desirable kale product to its foodservice clients.

The destemmed kale is a better option for both salads and kale chips, Jan Berk, vice president of San Miguel, said.

Lacinato, Tuscan and regular kales can all be destemmed at San Miguel using the new method.