Christopher Ranch creates box for Gilroy Garlic Festival

Christopher Ranch, Gilroy, Calif., has a new box designed specifically to feature recipes of foods found at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, with which the company is closely affiliated, according to Patsy Ross, vice president of marketing.

Ross says the new display boxes features pictures, recipes and quick-response codes for those retail stores that want to honor the festival with fun displays or contests.

“The boxes will be optional, of course, but we have a handful of retailers that like to have something different,” Ross said.

HerbThyme Farms makes upgrades

HerbThyme Farms, Inc., Perrysburg, Ohio, has 20 projects in the works, according to chief executive officer Howard Roeder.

“We continue to invest in our packing facility and infrastructure,” Roeder said.

The company plans to expand its ground base, modernize operations and upgrade packing facilities, among other projects, according to Roeder.

Infinite Herbs adds warehouse in Chicago, creates Facebook page

Infinite Herbs & Specialties, Miami, has made numerous changes for the 2012 season.

The company opened a warehouse in Chicago about a year ago, and the location is now fully up and running, according to Camilo Penalosa, vice president of sales, marketing and procurement.

A new farm also opened in California about two years ago, and Penalosa says the location is now fully functioning, with more than 25 herb varieties grown there.

The company also just set up its Facebook page and plans to use it more this year.

“We want to be more in touch with the final consumer so we can get information on what they are looking for at a retail level. We’ll be putting the Facebook logo on all sale materials in the coming months,” Penalosa said.

Maurice Auerbach moves to newly outfitted building

Maurice A. Auerbach Inc., Secaucus, N.J., moved into its new facility in December, and is settling into the location.

“It was totally outfitted for our company, and everything in brand new,” Bruce Klein, director of marketing, said.

The facility, 12 miles from the company’s original location, features a fully refrigerated warehouse and is highly energy-efficient, Klein said.

Klein said the company is pleased with the new building.

“We’re getting settled in now, and we plan to do more business out of it.”

The company also is introducing a diced garlic for foodservice this year, Klein said, that he hopes will transition to retail.

Spice World launches black, squeeze garlic products

Spice World Inc., Orlando, Fla., plans to offer a 9.5-ounce, organic squeeze garlic; a 9.5-ounce squeeze garlic in extra virgin olive oil; and black garlic in one-bulb, two-bulb and peeled options.

Louis Hymel, director of purchasing and marketing, said these products have seen a strong interest.

“The 9.5-ounce organic is an extension of our 20-ounce organic squeeze garlic. The 9.5-ounce squeeze garlic in olive oil is an enhancement for our original squeeze garlic with a nice olive oil base,” Hymel said.

The company also completed building an addition with 40,000 square feet of long-term cold storage in California, he said.

Vida Fresh increases production

Vida Fresh Inc., Morro Bay, Calif., is set to increase production for 2012, according to Andrew Walsh, president and chief executive officer.

“We continue to put more production under cover in greenhouses, net houses and shade, as field-grown product is becoming less and less viable,” Walsh said.

The company is focused largely on its organic production, such as organic basil, for example.

“We are now in a stage with organic basil where you can’t grow it on the same land two years in a row, so we now have enough land to rotate that within the boundaries of one ranch,” Walsh said.

The company also established a commercial website,, to allow existing customers to place online orders that can be delivered next day.

“It will allow customers to be more independent, and order at different times of the day, or from different time zones,” Walsh said.