A new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics highlights the health benefits of eating organic foods.

The Organic Trade Association published a link to the report on their newly updated website, www.ota.com, on Oct. 22.

The association provides links to such news articles as a resource to consumers and other organic industry professionals.

“OTA is very pleased to see the highly respected American Academy of Pediatrics weigh in on the benefits of organic food for during the critical development stages of infancy and childhood,” Christine Bushway, chief executive officer and executive director, said.

Bushway also said the report confirmed widely accepted reasons that parents tend to purchase organic food for their children.

Among the various benefits listed in the report:

  • lower pesticide exposure;
  • lower drug-resistant bacteria exposure;
  • lower levels of nitrates and other harmful substances;
  • lower environmental impacts from farming; and
  • comparable yields to conventional farming.