Honeybear Brands, the marketing arm of Wescott Agri-Products, Elgin, Minn., is set to begin shipping its new Pazazz apple in January.

Don Roper, Honeybear Brands vice president of marketing, said the new variety has created a lot of excitement during its limited market tests over the past two years.

“It has performed extremely well for a few key reasons. It has the high crunch texture of the Honeycrisp, a very distinctive sweet and tart flavor profile offering an immediate burst of flavor and is an attractive bicolor apple,” Roper said.

Pazazz is an open-pollinated Honeycrisp cross.

This year, Pazazz apples will be available starting in Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana and Toronto.

“Pazazz production is multiregion-based with new and producing orchards in Washington, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Nova Scotia. Availability continues to increase as these young orchards start to increase yield,” Roper said.