Picking up on the U.S. Potato Board’s Five Distinct Potato Seasons campaign, the Colorado Potato Administrative Committee launched a Spring Ahead promotion, which is set to run through May.

The Colorado group is keying in on the state’s production of specialty potatoes that come in a rainbow of colors to match the many shades of spring, said Linda Weyers, assistant director of the committee.

Deep purple varieties that maintain their unusual hues when cooked are one focus of the promotion.

Weyers said when multicolored fingerlings are combined in recipes, they provide eye-catching dishes for Easter dinners and other spring gatherings.

Weyers said the colors may catch consumers’ attention, but the nutritional value has cooks coming back.

“We explain how the different colors of potatoes provide different nutrients,” she said. “The purples and deeper-colored varieties are very high in antioxidants, and the russets and yellows are good sources of potassium and vitamin C.”

But the committee’s Spring Ahead promotion doesn’t stop with multicolored fingerlings. Weyers said the organization continues to promote more than 100 varieties of potatoes grown in Colorado. She said just as the Spring Ahead campaign name implies, the promotion stresses the approach of warmer weather and increased activities.

“It tunes into warmer weather, outdoor fun and the convenience of potatoes in on-the-go meal planning,” Weyers said.

The committee plans to follow the Spring Ahead promotion with Lighten Up promotions for summer.