Santa Paula, Calif.-based citrus grower-shipper Limoneira Co. has developed a quick-response code program that serves customers in several languages.

“Our goal was to create a global message highlighting key aspects of the Limoneira story — essentially a “Rosetta Stone” for marketing,” John Carter, director of global sales, said in a news release.

By scanning the Limoneira QR code, the shopper is taken to a page where he may select from a handful of languages — and then to a site featuring icons representing key communication points including food safety, sustainability and Limoneira heritage, according to the release.

“Since the mobile phone screen is small, we developed symbols and short video clips to enhance communication,” Carter said.

“The program eliminates the small ‘website’ text, and a viewer may select content that he is interested in viewing and featuring subtitles in the selected language,” he said.

The combination of the program’s elements takes things to the next level versus simply linking to a website, he said.

The Limoneira QR program currently contains six languages, but the company is planning to add several more, according to the release.

“Now that the base communication vehicle and message have been established, we will continue to expand the application across different packaging, advertising, and promotions,” Carter said.

“We want to make it as easy as possible to help our customers connect the consumer to the tree.”

Other Limoneira food safety efforts:

Although California’s fresh citrus industry has never been the target of a foodborne illness recall, Limoneira has taken major steps to ensure food safety.

“Limoneira invested more than 10,000 labor hours in becoming the only citrus grower in the United States to be Global Gap certified,” said Tomas Gonzalez, manager of food safety and sustainability.

The company’s field and packinghouse operations also maintain superior ratings from its independent third party auditor, Primus Labs Inc., Santa Maria, Calif., he said.