Santa Paula, Calif.-based Limoneira Co. has turned its Unleash the Natural Power of Lemons promotion into a global marketing campaign.

“We’re trying to communicate to people all over the world that lemons are a really versatile piece of fruit,” said director of marketing John Chamberlain.

Since last fall, the 120-year-old grower-shipper has been scouting the world’s major cities to find trendsetters in the fields of health, beauty, recipes, lifestyle and cleaning.

“We’ve just done Tokyo and Osaka, and we’re adding four new cities in Asia,” Chamberlain said.

Each field has its own icon, and results are posted online with accompanying bios and videos.

“People are passionate in each of these spheres, and social media has really helped us get the message across,” Chamberlain said.

So far, ideas include lemon-based pedicures, cocktails, flower arrangements, recipes and hundreds of health and cleaning tips.

Consumers can access the icons and learn about the company’s history through quick-response codes on Limoneira lemon bags.

Chamberlain said his group plans to uncover more lemon ideas in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal in time for the Canadian Produce Marketing Association show in April.

The company is also inviting consumers to Pucker Up for a chance to win an Apple iPad.