Consumers and retailers are becoming increasingly interested in specialty potatoes, said Mike Kemp, business analyst for Market Fresh Produce, Nixa, Mo.

In response to that interest, the company launched a new line of potato packaging highlighting their petite and fingerling potatoes for this spring.

Red and gold potatoes, including fingerlings as well as “B” and “C” sizes, are offered in 24-ounce fresh pack poly mesh bags, along with microwave food safe plastic bags and 20-pound bulk cartons, Kemp said.

“These pack sizes allow the consumer the option of paying for the microwave convenience or fresh pack bags that they can prepare in a more traditional manner,” Kemp said. “We also feel the 20-pound cartons will be a plus for both retail and foodservice, allowing faster turns which equates to fresher product and reduced shrink.”

The new pack line includes: fresh pack poly mesh bags of 24-ounce red and gold fingerlings; 24-ounce red and gold petites in three stock-keeping units (red, gold, and mixed; 2-pound red and gold baby potatoes; microwaveable bags for 12-ounce packs of reds and golds; and 20-pound bulk cartons of fingerlings.

Bushmans’ Inc., Rosholt, Wis., is the parent company of Market Fresh and officials there believe the new package line will boost sales.

Mike Carter, Bushmans’ chief operating officer, said in a news release that he is excited about the opportunity to give even more options within the category to retailers and consumers.

He said he believes consumers want more variety within the category and that they will be motivated to try the new products enhanced by the new attractive packing concepts.