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New applications, book from RedLine SolutionsRedLine Solutions has two new products to help companies keep track of fresh produce and its CEO Todd Baggett has a new book to fill in any gaps produce professionals have when it comes to understanding traceability.

Billed as the essential guide to understanding produce traceability for growing and shipping operations, “Produce Traceability for Dummies” is among the latest in Wiley Publishing’s popular series of “for Dummies” volumes.

“We worked with Wiley Publishing because of the accessible style of the Dummies books,” Baggett said. “This book is meant to be a quick read. We all know FSMA regulations are coming. My hope is this book demystifies produce traceability and promotes adoption within our industry.”

The book explains how the Produce Traceability Initiative was developed and how it can work with new regulations related to the Food Safety Modernization Act. It also includes tips on how to choose a traceability system and what to do if faced with a recall.

“Produce Traceability for Dummies” will be available for download from the RedLine Solutions website at Baggett said he plans to have a limited number of autographed copies at RedLine’s booth at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Oct. 18-19 in Anaheim, Calif.

Also new from the Santa Clara, Calif.-based RedLine Solutions are two products: RedLine Receipt and Transporter.

RedLine’s Transporter helps eliminate “data silos” and allows data to be shared among applications with a minimum amount of input, according to a news release. Data silos are a common complaint of the produce industry as information from one application is difficult to transport and share with the next vendor and application along the supply chain.

The Transporter eases that challenge and allows users to take a “set it and forget it” approach to data sharing. It can be run manually or on a specific schedule.

Retailer Whole Foods was one of the first to use the tool to let suppliers send updates and deliver advanced shipping notices as part of the retailer’s traceability program, according to the release.

The Transporter also saves growers and shippers the chore of manually entering information in a supplier portal or formatting data to be sent to a third-party electronic data interchange service for managing shipping information.

The tool also supports RedLine’s PTI Lite and will be integrated with the company’s other inventory and traceability software in the near future.

RedLine Receipt is an application that enables companies to quickly and accurately receive harvested bulk products and update inventory information in grower accounting systems, according to a news release.

“We are now able to capture much more information about each bulk receiving load quickly and efficiently giving management real-time information on all incoming bulk inventory,” Jason Kinloch, operations manager at Domex/Kershaw Cos. said in the RedLine release.

To facilitate rapid receipt, RedLine Receipt scans pre-printed tags on each bin and links them to harvest receipts, accurately tying the harvested product to a specific grower/ranch/commodity block/lot combination for accounting and traceability.

Bins can be put away and their locations recorded in the grower’s accounting system, allowing for inventory control by tracking and recording bins as they are moved while updating the grower accounting system in real time.

Staff writer Vicky Boyd contributed to this report.