By Melissa Shipman

Special to The Packer

Pom Wonderful has an extensive marketing push lined up for the start of the pomegranate season.

“We want to start quickly this year,” said Marc Seguin, vice president of marketing for the Los Angeles-based company.

To do this, the company has scheduled a three-page free-standing insert in the coupon section of Sunday, Nov. 3, papers across the country.

“This will reach 74 million households across the U.S.,” Seguin said.

The promotion will include a front page and will show Pom Wonderful products on the following three pages with coupon offers.

“It’s a really substantial investment and something that just doesn’t happen anywhere else in the produce industry, but it demonstrates our commitment to the idea to get started early,” Seguin said.

The company thinks that if it can get consumers excited about the start of pomegranate season, it can carry those sales throughout the season.

“If we can get them buying early, we’ll get lots of purchases,” Seguin said.

The pomegranate season usually runs from the middle of October through January.

Seguin said the promotion is targeted aggressively for the first seven weeks, which will reach Thanksgiving.

Then, in December, Pom Wonderful has another large newspaper promotion planned that will include other Wonderful brands, such as the new citrus Halo product.

The second coupon event is set for Dec. 9 and will include pomegranates to maintain heavy marketing in the back of the season.

“We want to drive demand all the way through the year,” Seguin said.

Fresh pomegranates, arils and juice products will all be included in that promotion, Seguin said.