Irwindale, Calif.-based Ready Pac Foods introduced three salad product lines at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit 2011 on Oct. 14-17 in Atlanta.

Altogether, they account for 14 salads. Many include proteins, as Ready Pac continues to target shoppers eyeing all-in-one meals.

Ready Pac’s dollar volume was up 24.3% for the year ending Oct. 8, said Tristan Kieva, director of marketing.

Kieva credits its Bistro line for the growth in single-serve salads.

“The product line provides a pantry-load solution for lunch,” she said. “Consumers can buy all the salads needed for the week over the weekend, along with bottled drinks and a fruit snack, and have a lunch solution for each day of the week that still costs less than eating out.”

Two of the new lines extend the Bistro label.

Ready Pac Bistro Gourmet Salads offers six products with meats, lettuce, toppings and dressing at fewer than 500 calories per bowl, said Kieva.

Bistro Dinner Solutions consists of four salads at three servings per bowl, fewer than 200 calories per serving. Again, meat is included.

“These salads will expand the Bistro franchise from individuals to families,” Kieva said.

Consumer use of the salad line will expand from lunch to dinner, she said.

A third line, Ready Pac Toss ’n Serve, is comprised of four salad bowls previously offered as bagged kits.

At PMA Fresh Summit, Ready Pac also showcased three additions to the Bistro line established in 2003. They are Caesar Lite, Asian and Greek.

Earlier this year, the company began marketing four protein-less salads under its Salad Singles label.

Ready Pac continues to tout its Single Seal Technology as keeping product fresh. Bistro bowls include forks.