Sunny Valley Organics Inc., Nogales, Ariz., has a new 5-acre greenhouse operation in Yuma, Ariz., coming into production in late November or early December.

The company is also expanding warehouse facilities in Yuma, doing more business from Mexico that all comes into the Yuma location.

Sunny Valley has a promotion planned surrounding the new greenhouse in Yuma for this winter, as well.

“One of the most dramatic promotional pushes will be geared toward our beautiful new greenhouse, which will be a showcase for ourselves but also the local community,” said West Coast sales manager Hector Crisantes.

Crisantes said the company has previously kept farms somewhat restricted because of safety and organic standards. However, this facility will encourage community involvement.

“We want to get others excited about organics and why we like this form of agriculture,” Crisantes said. “We want to leave a good mark on the community.”

The plans for this involvement include some sort of internships or apprenticeship programs, as well as some open-house opportunities for locals to see the facilities, although no plans were set by mid-October.

“We expect to have some exciting things happening by Christmas when we start rolling though the first harvesting,” he said.