It’s been a good couple of months for TrueTrac LLC, Salinas, Calif.

In April, Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc., Coral Gables, Fla., announced it will use LabelTrac and HarvestTrac software for case labeling to meet milestones for the Produce Traceability Initiative in its Goodyear, Ariz., melon operation.

In May, Tanimura & Antle, Salinas, Calif., said it will use LabelTrac and HarvestTrac for case labeling and data integration for all of the company’s harvesting and packing operations.

TrueTrac president and chief executive officer Ray Connelly, however, said it’s not just about PTI.

“When people think of TrueTrac they think of PTI, putting a label on a case,” he said. “But what these companies want from us is increased visibility to remote packing operations in real time, better efficiency, reduced shrink and a safer food supply. It’s about developing efficiencies in operations.”

Connelly said HarvestTrac reduces shrink by helping companies be more efficient. For example, he said Del Monte’s Arizona packing facility is in an industrial park hours away from fields north and west of the city. HarvestTrac can help customers identify which loads arriving at their docks are in the most urgent need of cooling.

“Growers want to cut down the time it takes to pick, pack and cool, and that’s what HarvestTrac does,” he said. “It’s a metric everyone uses to measure their operations.”

Connelly said that if several trucks are waiting to unload at a facility, the common mistake would be to unload trucks in the order they arrived. HarvestTrac allows companies to prioritize their arrivals and unload the hottest truck first.

“That way a load isn’t cooked on the truck,” he said.

Although TrueTrac recently landed two big-name companies, Connelly said his company also works with small growers, and its pricing model is per unit.

“It’s cost-effective regardless of the size of a company,” he said.