Vision Sort Labeling Solutions, Reedley, Calif., has a lot in the works.

Darryl Parker, marketing and sales manager, says the company is excited to have several large Central Valley packers as new customers as they try to become Produce Traceability Initiative compliant.

The company has been able to reduce the error on labeling to nearly zero with its Advanced Vision System, which has custom software designed by company president Garth Gaddy and a conveyor belt that ensures an accurate read on cartons that pass through the system.

Parker said the error rate can vary depending on user accuracy but the system is generally 98% accurate.

He says the conveyor belt’s ability to push cartons to the side rail is a large part of that success.

“The conveyor belt moves the cartons over the side rail so that every package gets read in the exact same way, no matter what size of package it is,” he said.

By ensuring the boxes all slide along the rail, the camera gets a more accurate read, Parker said.

“This doesn’t allow any variance in the distance each box is from the camera, so every one is consistent,” he said.

Parker also said despite the technology user error and other variables prevent any system from being 100% accurate.

“If someone tells you a product is accurate 100% of the time, it’s pretty much too good to be true, because it can all depend on how the packer loads the packages,” Parker said.

The company plans additional advances for later this year, he said.

“We are also excited to work on conveyor diversion to send cartons that we have labeled to designated pallet stations and or mechanical palletizers,” Parker said.