Berry marketers continue to stress the importance of having multiple berries available for consumers at retail.

“The more variety you can have on a berry display, the greater the impulse to purchase all of the options instead of just one,” said Kyla Garnett, marketing manager for Naturipe Farms LLC, Estero, Fla.

Co-merchandizing displays

Garnett also said that as the summer berry supply increases, it’s important to think about expanding the berry display to include cross-promotional items.

“As you move into summer, creating co-merchandizing displays is important, so you can create a destination area for the category,” Garnett said.

She suggests highlighting a fun recipe, such as strawberry salsa, and offering a free handout with the recipe while adding items such as avocados and tomatoes to the display.

“You can also do the red, white and blue flag cake idea, and add the whipped cream and cake mix boxes to the display,” she said.

Nolan Quinn, berry category director for The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, said creating a complete meal can help increase sales.

“Blueberries positioned alongside bagged field greens, slivered almonds, deli chicken and a bottled vinaigrette say ‘easy dinner’ to a busy shopper,” Quinn said.

There is no limit to the items you can pair with berries, according to marketers.

“Get inventive and creative with your display opportunities. If you create those displays as a destination, you can help put those serving ideas into the consumers’ heads so they want to purchase more berries and use them in that way,” Garnett said.

Signs are also important.

Point-of-sale materials

Dan Crowley, vice president of sales and marketing for Watsonville, Calif.-based Well-Pict Berries, said the company recently developed new point-of-sale materials.

The new posters and display cards feature nutrition data and berry selection and storage info. The idea behind the design is to communicate to consumers why berries are a smart buy.

“We develop our POS kits in response to retailer requests for eye-catching and informative display materials,” Crowley said.

So far, there has been a good reception for the new materials.

“Response to the new kits has been good, and we’ve already sent several batches of posters and cards to retailers wanting to put them in their stores,” Crowley said.

Retailers can request the new signs by e-mailing the company.

Locally grown

Highlighting the growing region of each berry can also help increase sales by developing a relationship with consumers who want to have a more personal connection with their food.

Matt Curry, president of  Curry & Co., Brooks, Ore., said the company has materials to support these promotional strategies.

“Our primary promotional efforts this summer will focus on the seasonal and regional, or local trends of berries, when applicable. We provide partners with grower or team images to help personalize the crop,” Curry said.