For having a  limited budget, the Florida Department of Citrus, Lakeland, has plenty planned to promote its 2010 citrus crop.

Amy Carpenter, fresh marketing director for the department, said it will receive $595,000 for its fresh marketing budget, with a total 2010 budget of just more than $600,000. Still, it appears Carpenter and her organization will stretch those dollars a long way.

Carpenter said she’s especially excited about a new campaign centered around outdoor signs positioned in parking lots and entrances to retailers.

“It’s going to be in six markets, including five of our top 10 for fresh Florida citrus,” she said. “We just added Orlando.”

The other markets are Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Philadelphia and New York.

Carpenter said there are four options for the signs.

There will be 6- by 4-foot transit signs in parking lots, at cart returns in the parking lots, at the front doors of stores, and in the first corridor of the store, where produce departments typically are placed.

“The signage will have messaging for tangerines and oranges, highlighting the sweet, juicy taste and Florida-grown,” Carpenter said. “The intention is to be near the point of purchase. The importance is that it’s right there.”

The campaign is slated to run through March 28.

Carpenter said her department also has developed point-of-sale material that includes signs in retail departments and information and recipe cards with the “So good. So fresh. So Florida” slogans.

Other promotions include in-store TVs promoting Florida grapefruit and more than 1 million coupons that will be included on recipe cards and maps at Florida visitor centers.

“We also have a program wrapped around our gift program (which receives an additional $100,000),” she said. “We promote it with TV spots, radio and on"

There are plenty of promotions in the works to sell the strong crop of grapefruit that’s planned in Texas this winter.

TexaSweet Citrus Marketing Inc., Mission, offers free materials to retailers, teachers and foodservice directors, all of which can be obtained at

TexaSweet also has a series of events planned, said Eleisha Ensign, executive director.

In January, it had planned to attend the PF Chang’s Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon in Phoenix, where it will be sampling Texas Rio Star Grapefruit.

In December, it did a similar sampling at a Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon in Las Vegas.

“This is a large event that enables us to reach a large group of consumers that are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, which our grapefruit fits perfectly into,” Ensign said.

She said TexaSweet also is reaching out to chefs to educate them about the versatility and qualities of the Rio Star grapefruit.

TexaSweet also has created a blog,, which will include recipes and allow for more personal contact.

Finally, TexaSweet has received funding through the Texas Department of Agriculture for a three-phase promotional plan that includes TV, a four-city media tour and in-store sampling demonstrations in four cities.

“This program will be completed by the end of February, which is National Grapefruit Month,” Ensign said.

Neil Galone, vice president of sales of Booth Ranches LLC, Orange Cove, Calif., said his company refrained from in-store sampling because of the expense.

“Sampling is very expensive and reaches a limited base of customers,” he said. “We do some, but not much. We try to cater promotions to what the retailer thinks works best — point-of-sales materials, newspaper ads, store promotions. There’s also creative pricing and packaging.”

Claire Smith, corporate communications director at Sunkist Growers Inc., Sherman Oaks, Calif., said her company’s promotions are completely tailored to meet its customers’ needs.

“We try to be a partner to meet retailers’ needs, so what we do is wide ranging,” she said. “We also do a lot of promotions through our packaging.”