Mike Dodson of Fresno, Calif., said he could see what was coming long before he formed Lotpath Inc., which specializes in what he calls “supply-chain visibility” solutions.

The company’s Web-based service stores information provided by produce suppliers, and that data can be shared in part or whole with trading partners and consumers, said Dodson, who was a consultant before he formed Lotpath three years ago.

Dodson said he builds on the service regularly.

“We’ve added support for (Produce Traceability Initiative) case label initiative so you could perform a case-level trace,” he said.

“They can provide harvest date, pack dates, information about the lot, quality-control information, photos and multimedia files. If they have (good agricultural practices) certification, data can be stored against the lot number, (Global Trade Item Number), pallet tags.”

About 20 organizations have signed up at various subscription levels, and more are sure to come, with full deployment of PTI and possibly federal food safety legislation coming soon, Dodson said.

“It’s already driving interest in the site,” he said. “Companies can manage their GTIN and follow the file through the synchronization and share them with GTIN partners. There’s a lot of interest because that’s the current milestone in PTI. We have business partners we work with for case labeling.”

The system enhances users’ existing Famous inventory management shipping and accounting software, Dodson said.

“You can use it for packing operations, grower accounting; we provide visibility on the Internet,” he said.

The Web site, www.lotpath.com, also offers a free service that allows users to upload company and brand logos, Dodson said.

“We have already 7,500 suppliers in our database,” he said. “Most produce companies already have a listing in the database.”