Armed with a simple survey and a smart phone, TrueTrac LLC customers soon will be able to collect, store and share data related to food safety, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, yield estimates, plant monitoring and crop inspections.

“We’re in the process of a major upgrade that’s coming out in the first quarter,” said Ray Connelly, general manager of the Salinas, Calif.-based technology company.

AuditTrac allows users to create unique surveys with questions and answers, which can be linked to corrective actions and trigger e-mail alerts to management.

“There’s a bunch of things that have to be asked and answered by a company every day, and that information is stored in a system,” said Connelly, whose company was in the process of piloting the product during a Dec. 14 interview. “And you have to be able to retrieve that information in the event of an audit.”

Workers in the field can use global positioning system coordinates to log observations about a specific location.

Once stored in the user’s database, the information can be retrieved and shared electronically. Data also can be collected by other companies if the user allows customers, suppliers, etc., to interact with their database.

Connelly said the product is customizable and could be used in any part of the supply chain.

“It could be a repacker in St. Louis, a company on the New York produce terminal or a receiver at a Walmart distribution center,” he said. “It’s a tool you can configure to your specific needs.”