Indianapolis-based Imagination Farms LLC has taken the Disney Garden brand to new heights by creating a Disney theme park for kids in supermarket produce sections.

The 4-foot refrigerated section includes point-of-sale and modular product placement. While kids are attracted to the case by their favorite Disney characters, moms can check out the more than 30 value-added snacks and sides.

“The response has been excellent,” said Melinda Goodman, director of marketing for Imagination Farms.

Retailers who have incorporated the Disney Garden destination into their produce departments have reported double-digit growth, she said, while many retailers have already expanded their section, adding more stock-keeping units and point-of-sale materials.

Items in the section include Fresh Veggies & Sauce, Lunchbox Items, Quicksnacks with Dip and Foodles — a substantial snack or second lunch packaged in a three-part Mickey Mouse-shaped tray with doodles on the back that encourage kids to play with their food.

“We’re always looking for ways to make healthy products, particularly fruits and vegetables, interesting in a way that makes kids feel that these products are made just for them,” Goodman said.

The new section is also a win-win for parents. “Our products make mom feel like she’s making healthy choices for her kids,” she said, “and the destination moves the ‘nag factor’ from the candy aisle to the product department, where parents would rather be nagged to buy something.”

Disney Garden was also the focus of a major retail stone fruit promotion in Southern California last month. In-store displays featured point-of-sale materials, activity sheets, coloring sheets and high-graphic packaging and Price Look-Up stickers with Mickey Mouse and friends.

Goodman said some bags of stone fruit came with a collectable necktag from the summer Disney movie G-Force, about a squad of specially-trained guinea pigs who set out to stop a diabolical billionaire from taking over the world. Kids could remove the necktag and treat it as a trading card, she said.

Since the Disney Garden line launched in May 2006, Goodman said the company has sold more than 700 million servings of fruits and vegetables.