To increase consumer awareness, the Mushroom Council is partnering with Mushroom Canada, among others, this fall to launch a social media campaign in which American bloggers will go head-to-head against bloggers around the world to see who can come up with the best mushroom recipe.

Winners will be awarded prizes for best recipe.

“This is the first time the two councils have held a joint contest, but we often work together to share recipes, research and promotion ideas,” said a Mushroom Council spokeswoman.

The Australian Mushroom Growers' Association is also participating.

The Mushroom Council is coordinating participation in the blogging contest.

Additional details:

Each national mushroom organization will select their respective top four bloggers to compete in one week of a monthlong online recipe contest;

Each week, one blogger from each country will submit a mushroom recipe and photo specific to that week’s category;

The recipes will be presented for public voting on Tastespotting, an independent food photography-focused website. To promote fairness, the country of origin/creator will not be disclosed until each user votes for their favorite;

Each individual mushroom organization that participates will help promote the competition in its own online and media outreach efforts.