Reedley, Calif.-based Valliwide Marketing Inc. is adding 60,000 boxes of organic grapes to its lineup this year.

The company focuses on stone fruit, and now grapes, in its organic program. This new volume of grapes has just come into its first year of organic production for one of Valliwide’s growers. The grower approached the company about marketing the product, and Valliwide accepted the opportunity.

Valliwide adds grapes, rolls out organic label
              Courtesy Valliwide Marketing Inc.

Valliwide Marketing offers red raven plums, black plums with dark red flesh. Promotable supplies are expected for July Fourth, says salesman Bill Schene.

“We have done some before, but not to this extreme,” said Bill Schene, salesman.

The volume will bring Valliwide’s grape business up to about 80,000 boxes total.

“Our grape program’s increasing dramatically,” Schene said.

The company is also adding an organic side to one of its labels. Some stone fruit previously marketed under the Boldt label will be changing to Boldt Organic this year. Schene said more than 30% of the acreage is now organic, about 14,000 boxes, while about 26,000 boxes are still grown conventionally.

Valliwide also markets the Red Raven plum, a black plum with dark red flesh that has made a name for itself in the last five years.

“We’ll have that in promotable volumes for Fourth of July ads this year,” Schene said. “Over the past few years, it has really established itself as a popular item for us.”

The plum sells nationwide and into Canada, Schene said.

Valliwide plans to start organic stone fruit around June 1, but July and August are the big months for organic stone fruit, Schene said.